Reference Values of Apparently Healthy Adult Ethiopian

Commonly Requested Liver Function Tests and Hematological Parameters

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In this study, reference values for routine liver function tests and hematological parameters are established, which are frequently done to detect and monitor liver injury and assess hematological status of subjects. It is to be noted that the established reference values will greatly help monitor patients who would receive antiretroviral therapy (ART. The adverse events following ART include liver damage. It will also provide background information for the clinical trials that might be conducted in the country, including those planned in the immediate future at the Armauer Hansen Research Institute (AHRI).


Mr. Samuel Kinde has got BSc in Medical Laboratory Sciences from Jimma University in 2004 and MSc in Biochemistry from AAU in 2009 & thesis performance was "Excellent". Currently, he is lecturer and director of the School of Medical Laboratory Sciences. He is member of the EMLA and founder of the National web site (www.emla-ethiopia.org)