Trends in Interactive Visualization

State-of-the-Art Survey, Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing

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II Challenges in Data Mapping Part II deals with one of the most challenging tasks in Interactive Visualization, mapping and teasing out information from large complex datasets and generating visual representations. This section consists of four chapters. Binh Pham, Alex Streit, and Ross Brown provide a comprehensive requirement analysis of information uncertainty visualizations. They examine the sources of uncertainty, review aspects of its complexity, introduce typical models of uncertainty, and analyze major issues in visualization of uncertainty, from various user and task perspectives. Alfred Inselberg examines challenges in the multivariate data analysis. He explains how relations among multiple variables can be mapped uniquely into ?-space subsets having geometrical properties and introduces Parallel Coordinates meth- ology for the unambiguous visualization and exploration of a multidimensional geometry and multivariate relations. Christiaan Gribble describes two alternative approaches to interactive particle visualization: one targeting desktop systems equipped with programmable graphics hardware and the other targeting moderately sized multicore systems using pack- based ray tracing. Finally, Christof Rezk Salama reviews state-of-the-art strategies for the assignment of visual parameters in scientific visualization systems. He explains the process of mapping abstract data values into visual based on transfer functions, clarifies the terms of pre- and postclassification, and introduces the state-of-the-art user int- faces for the design of transfer functions.


Part I Introduction.- Overview of Interactive Visualization.- Part II Challenges in Data Mapping.- Visualization of Information Uncertainty: Progress and Challenges.- Parallel Co-ordinates: Interactive Visualization for High Dimensions.- Interactive Particle Visualization.- Visual Parameters and Transfer Functions.- Part 111 Design and Evaluation.- Gaining Greater Insight through Interactive Visualization.- A Human Factors Perspective.- Perceptual and Design Principles for Effective Interactive Visualizations.- Applying a User-centred Approach to Interactive Visualization Design.- A Visualization Framework for Collaborative Virtual Environment Usage Information.- Part IV Novel User Interfaces.- Virtual-Reality Based Interactive Scientific Visualization Environments.- Interactive Molecular Visualization at the Interface.- Point, Talk, and Publish: Visualization and the Web.- Part V Integrating Visualization and Modeling.- Extending Measurement Science to Interactive Visualization Environments.- Interactive Spatiotemporal Reasoning.- Interactive Statistical Modeling with XGms.- Interactive Mathematical Visualizations: Frameworks Tools and Studies

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